Church Ministries
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Name:Led By:
Choir Director Valerie Gowens Terry
Church Clerk Sis. Gloria Davis
Church Treasurer Veronica Bailey
Class Leaders Sis. Faith Baxter
Daughters of St Mark Sis. Johnetta Baugham
Department of Christian Education Sis. Reshamah Manley
Hospitality Ministry Sis. Vicki James and Sis. Ella Cooper
Intercessory Prayer Ministry Sis. Faith Baxter
Lay Organization Sis. Valerie Gowens Terry
Male Chorus Bro. Cleveland Blount
Media Ministry Sis. Taylor Penn and Bro. Cliff Hudson
Men's Fellowship Min. Pierre Diaz
Music Ministry Sis. Michelle Sessom, Minister of Music
Music Ministry Bassist Carlton Lilliard
Music Ministry Drummer Bro. Robert Sessom
RAYAC Richard Allen Young Adult Council Sis. Taylor Penn
Sarah Allen Women's Club Sis. Gwendolyn Askew
Senior Usher Board Sis. Bridgette Fitzgerald
Stewardess Board Sis. Cheryl Shannon
Stewardship and Finance Commission Johnetta Baugham
Sunday School Superintendent Sis. Pat Hood
The Adult Sanctuary Choir Sis. Valerie Terry, Director
The Alice Petty Lawrence Missionary Society Sis. Cheryl Shannon
Veterans Ministry Bro. Henry Singleton
Women's Transformative Collective Women's Ministry Rev. Melodie Boone
YAHWEH - Young Adults Ministry Gabriel Hunter, Taylor Spaulding
Youth Ministry Darlene Epps Minor and Tricia Thomas
Youth Usher Board Sis. Malissa Spaulding
YPD - Young Peoples Department Sis. Roslyn Cheek